Uncommon Marble and Quartz intended for Bathrooms

Gabby Deeming and Steve Porter choose marble plus quartz along with unusual designs and colors for restroom flooring, bathrooms and counter tops

Dorothy Hogan

1 (top) ‘Stardust’ honed marble, 2cm, £378, through Lapicida. two (large pink) ‘Pink Quartz’ , 1 . 2cm, £3, 500, through Fameed Khalique. 3 (left green) ‘Chateau Vert’ refined marble, one 5cm, £420, through Artisans associated with Devizes. four (smaller foregorund pink) ‘Rose Quartz’ , 2 . 5cm, £3, 1000, from Fameed Khalique. five (deeper green) ‘MA094’ (verde) marbled, 1 . 5cm, £114, from Diespeker & Company. 6 (white background) ‘Reve Bleu’ honed Carrara marble, 1 . 4cm, from £247. 96, through Ann Bags. 7 (black foreground) ‘Fossil Black’ marbled with fossilised orthoceras, 2cm, £450, through Rossi Stone Surfaces. eight (green bottom part right foreground) ‘Onice Smeraldo’ refined marble, 2cm, £1, 248, through Artisans associated with Devizes

Sarah Hogan

one (top) ‘Rosso Francia’ refined marble, 2cm, £468, through Lapicida. two (white square) ‘Broughton Moor’ conglomerate marble, 2cm, £1, 000, through Zanetti & Company. several & 4 (black and white-colored flecked pieces) ‘Marmoreal’ marbled terrazzo (from top: dark, white), 1 . 5cm, by Utmost Lamb, through £390, through Dzek. 5 (blue right background) ‘Cote D’Azur’ refined marble, 2cm, £450, through Lapicida. 6 (bottom left black) ‘Iris Brown’ marble, 2cm, from £420, from Rossi Stone Areas. 7 (grey middle background) ‘TE051 Laguna’ Verdi Alpi and Carrara terrazzo, 2cm, through £114, through Diespeker & Co. almost eight (right smaller sized flecked piece) ‘TE007 Grigio Venato’ Carrara, Nero Ebano, Bardiglio plus Fior pada Bosco terrazzo, 2cm, from £102, from Diespeker & Company. Rubber other poultry , 99p, through Minimum Planet. Smaller cast-iron bathing , £150, from Drummonds.

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