Sunday Brunch with Babette Hayes

Sunday Brunch with Babette Hayes

29/06/2014 , 12:26 PM by Renee Krosch

Babette Hayes‘Join Babette Hayes for Sunday Brunch this week on the lower north shore.

Born of French parents, her father moved the family to Damascas, Syria before being forced to escape the war.

As a young girl, Babette discovered drawing as a passion.  

After winning a scholarship in London she found a career in styling.

Babette became Australia’s first “Design Stylist” at a time when the magazine scene was changing.  She’s worked for a number of magazines including Australian Home JournalBelle, Womens Weekly.

‘Interior design is about designing a liveable space’, she says.

‘I’m a collector of all sorts of things, but people have their own way of expressing themselves.’

Her passions are food, creating homes, design, art and french music.

She has produced 14 books on design and interior decoration and cooking.


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