Steps to make hydrangea pompoms

Willow Crossley’s dried out hydrangea pompoms make perfect decorations for any party : and will maintain bringing pleasure long after guests possess gone house.

‘Create by braiding the angling wire throughout the middle of the ball of florists’ polyurethane foam, leaving 2 long finishes. Secure the particular wire within place along with drawing hooks and knots the two finishes together, to make the cycle to hang this from. Split off little florets from your dried hydrangea heads — you will need regarding four mind to cover the particular whole basketball – ensuring their comes are sufficiently strong to touch the polyurethane foam. Insert all of them very close to one another. When this particular starts to obtain a little bit fiddly, I actually find pressing them along with a small set of scissors is much more efficient than making use of clumsy fingertips. Continue till the entire ball is certainly covered. Suspend it in the knotted cable and take pleasure in. ‘

Through Inspire : The Art Of Residing With Character simply by Willow Crossley (CICO Publications, £16. 99). Call 01256-302699 quoting ‘GLR9OW’ to purchase the copy in the special associated with £11. 99 including p& p.

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