SCAD pad: Could parking garages be the apartment structures of the foreseeable future?

Atlanta, GA (WGCL) — Learners and school at the Savannah Higher education of Art and Style in Atlanta expended several months this spring residing in 3 micro-homes, named SCAD Pads.

The constructions are constructed inside of the confines of a parking space on the 3rd ground of the SCAD parking deck in midtown Atlanta.

“I feel like it has every thing a home would have, but it truly is smaller,” mentioned Lynda Elayna, a SCAD student who has 2 times this spring lived in one particular of the 3 units. “It really is a lot bigger than I believed it would be.”

The units were developed by college students and school as an city housing experiment, targeted on sustainable dwelling and generating the most out of each inch of room. The shower, bathroom sink and bathroom exist inside 6 feet of each and every other, and the stove, kitchen area sink, fridge, freezer and microwave share the exact same place in a corner of the device.

Micro apartments have witnessed development in some components of the United States, Europe and Asia. But the SCAD model is based mostly upon the notion of utilizing a parking deck as a pre-existing shell to home apartments.

“I think it truly is just giving everyone a possibility to consider about how to dwell in a different way,” said Elayna.

SCAD’s momentary occupancy permit with the metropolis expired at the stop of June, meaning the residents who known as the SCAD Pads home for the spring have moved out.

College officials will not say what they prepare to do subsequent with the models, or if they could turn out to be a industrial venture in Atlanta.

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