Precisely why a Rum Fellow is surely an interiors brand name you need to know

David Nicholls meets Caroline Lindsell plus Dylan O’Shea, the creators of the London-based ethical artist design business

Sue Cathcart
Dylan and Caroline in the particular showroom in their north Greater london house, encircled by A Rum Fellow materials.

When it released in 2013, A Rum Fellow had been an online shop that marketed an appealing hodge-podge of classic pieces — from gathered curios plus Scandinavian furnishings to the kind of framed artworks you might find in a good car-boot sale. It had been all extremely of as soon as. What was uncommon, however , was your inclusion associated with vintage Southern American materials. It turned out this was the component of the business enterprise for which The Rum Fellow’s founders, Caroline Lindsell plus Dylan O’Shea, had their own greatest interest.

Sue Cathcart
Information of ‘Coyolate Brocade’, hand crafted in Guatemala by Maya artisans.

The few had worked well in different areas before setting up the web site. Caroline was obviously a fashion designer together spent time in the States, utilized by brands for example Abercrombie & Fitch. Dylan, that has a degree within development research, had worked well for a UNESCO-affiliated charitable organization called Schooling for All, where he had been involved in providing used college furniture in order to facilities in developing nations. A three-month-long trip to Bolivia and Peru in 2012 started their appreciate for the materials created by the indigenous areas they fulfilled. The colors were brilliant, the designs dynamic plus intricate.


Helen Cathcart
‘Coyolate Brocade’

Inside a year, the particular inherent restrictions of working in anything at all vintage : namely the particular irregularity associated with supply plus style - revealed the advantages of a new business structure. One of The Rum Fellow’s early customers was an inside designer seeking its material to cover a coordinating set of eating chairs. It had been impossible in order to source enough vintage materials to satisfy the purchase, so they requested the weavers they had fulfilled in Peru to make a few to purchase. ‘It has been then that will we chose to start developing our own materials and commissioning them to become made, ‘ Dylan states.

Sue Cathcart
A classic chair protected in ‘Catarina Ikat’.

‘From a good ethical perspective it is great because it gives the weavers new function, ‘ states Caroline. ‘In some cases, they have kept the particular craft lively. ‘ The Rum Other works carefully with a Guatemalan social organization that operates sanitation plus vocational tasks. With all the latter, this cuts out the particular ‘middle men’ who can enter the method of fair income and honest trade.

The materials are made within homes instead of mills, allowing the women who have weave these to work about their lifestyles; many are the heads associated with single-parent households thanks primarily to the country’s long-standing politics turmoil. Several of A Rum Fellow’s flatweave fabrics are created in vetted mills within India, in which the traditions and skills permit textiles to become woven on the wider weaving loom.

Sue Cathcart
Information on ‘Lempa Falseria’ and ‘Ocosito Falseria’ 100 % cotton fabrics.

A Rum Fellow’s very first range of commissioned textiles released during Clerkenwell Design 7 days in 2014. The materials, in part in line with the huipil (tunic) worn simply by women from the indigenous areas, were utilized to cover couches and armchairs. A few months afterwards, the company showed at Decorex, broadening the exposure to indoor designers. Plus last Sept, at the third Decorex showing, this scooped the particular prize for best cool product for its brocades. Although the facilities is known for its active and superbly hued materials, the colour scheme of this latest collection much more subdued, along with colours that not appear so much as purr.

Sue Cathcart
The particular ‘Arrington’ sofa covered within ‘Chixoy Brocade’ and ‘Volcan Ikat’, on top of the ‘Kaya’ hand-tufted area rug.

Caroline designs the particular fabric on the computer, pulling and shedding coloured designs. Patterns including zigs plus zags, diamonds plus fine dark lines gradually emerge; it really is like viewing a mosaic being pieced together. Classic samples, pictures and sketches of conventional textiles series the wall space – the particular starting factors for a brand new fabric style.

These days, A Rum Fellow materials are used simply by some of the industry’s top names, which includes Kit Kemp and Suzy Hoodless. And Dylan plus Caroline are actually experimenting to find out what otherwise they can perform with A Rum Fellow. There is certainly now a variety of rugs produced by London-based Floor Tale and home furniture made to purchase by an Oxfordshire upholsterer. Lighting manufactured in collaboration with Copper & Silk is all about to be launched and the United states textiles organization Pollack offers asked these to design several outdoor materials.

Sue Cathcart
A classic huipil laying on the ‘Wawa’ wool area rug.

However as A Rum Fellow advances, its reference to the crafts people producing a lot of its function remains solid. Dylan recalls always planning to run ‘a creative company that has strong principles’. This individual and Caroline are controlling to do just that.

A Rum Fellow: arumfellow. com

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