Nonprofit group of inside designers aid one mom truly feel far more at residence in new apartment

Breanna Battie’s redone living room. (Unique Exposure Photography and Ginny Martin)

When Breanna Battie walked into her apartment with her daughters, she wasn’t sure it was the same place she had been sleeping in weeks before.

The living and dining rooms were furnished with blue and green furniture and matching art. Her daughters’ room was decked out in festive pink and a butterfly lamp. Then there was her room with a bed fit for a queen.

“It boosted my confidence,” Battie, 21, said. “I had nothing in my apartment. I was sleeping on an air mattress just a few inches off the ground. Now I have a bed of my own to sleep in. It’s indescribable to have a place where you can rest  and be at peace.”

The single mother of two girls, ages 5 and 3, is a graduate of Promise House’s transitional living program. Promise House serves youth who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Battie was placed in a Promise House-owned apartment in April. She works as a manager with a business service provider.

The group met with Dwell with Dignity, a group of interior designers and volunteers who design homes and spaces for families struggling with poverty or homelessness in December, said Lena Price a grant writer for Promise House. The designers agreed to help with a few projects.

“We have so many clients who are deserving of this,” Price said. “Breanna stood out because she has two kids and she’s very dedicated to being a good mom and giving them a good life. Our case manager thought of her immediately.”

Designers asked what her favorite color was — blue — and went to work. The new place was revealed to the family in late June.

“It was overwhelming,” Price said about the reaction to the newly-designed place. “You knew it was going to be nice, but it was just…you get a little choked up to see what Dwell with Dignity did for them.”

The girls love their new books and butterfly lamp. Their mother loves that she has a place her daughters can enjoy and feel proud of.

“I want people to know that Promise House and all of this, it’s just a life-changing experience,” the mother said. “I want people to know change is possible and people do care about you.”

See more photos of the newly-designed apartment here.

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