Minimalist Artwork Graces the Lawns at the Palace of Versailles

Subsequent the tenets of the Japanese Mono-ha motion, Ufan, who splits his time in between studios in Paris and Kamakura, Japan, used but two standard ingredients for his parts: stone and steel, respective symbols of nature and business. With very small intervention, he’s located them in weighty vignettes, starting with a 98-foot-lengthy, 39-foot-large arch of curved steel anchored by two boulders at the leading of the Gabriel staircase. From there, “Relatum” descends into the backyard with a series of steel plates rippling down the size of the central lawn, and continues in the tranquil alleyways of the mazelike groves.

Every set up creates dialogues in between the modern aesthetics and the sculpted gardens created by the fantastic André Le Nôtre. The performs, Ufan writes in the show’s artist assertion, “whisper like a scene in the desert.”

Through November two at the Palace of Versailles


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