Mind Hammock Lastly Lets You Rest Comfortably upon Planes


There is absolutely no comfortable method to sleep on the plane. Even though you do rating a windowpane seat, and you could lean the head against the walls, eventually your own neck cramping, your make aches, plus you’re within no much better shape compared to sucker within the aisle chair. That is, till the NodPod had been invented.


Paula Blankenship got suffered by means of too many sleep deprived flights whenever lightning hit. She developed the NodPod, essentially the head hammock that recreates the feeling associated with sleeping during sex. It lightly holds your face at a 90-degree angle, within an upright place. The device effortlessly attaches for your chair, without having covering the display on the back again of your chair.


Preorder the particular NodPod at this point for dollar 25 upon Kickstarter.

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