In your own home: A Concrete Factory Transformation

View the stunning decorations of older cement stock ‘La Fábrica’ in Spain, that was cleverly transformed by architect Ricardo Bofill into a large and highly unusual house

Within 1973, The spanish language architect Ricardo Bofill discovered a good old concrete factory simply outside Barcelona. “We discovered enormous silos, a high smoke treat, four kms of subterranean tunnels, machine rooms who is fit, ” produces Bofill in the website.

He determined several marvelous elements which were surprisingly contemporary, from surrealism in the building’s stairs that will led nowhere to brutalism in its construction and nonsensicality in its strange proportions. “Seduced by the contradictions and the ambiguity of the area, we rapidly decided to support the factory plus sculpt it like a masterpiece of design. ”

The builder now functions and hails from this spectacular space, and beautifully describes living there since “a constant sequence, with hardly any difference among work plus leisure”. The particular factory schedules from the earlier twentieth one hundred year, thus giving “the impression associated with living in exactly the same environment that will propelled the particular Industrial Trend in Catalonia. ”

A large portion of cement was changed into the spacious living room, which usually Bofill calls “domestic, amazing, brutalist and conceptual”. White furnishings bestows the bedroom with much-need levity, whilst a half-bannerless staircase provides it a subtle contemporary feel.

Ricardo Bofill’s first ground office is really a largely whitened, smart space with the incredibly higher ceiling.

Visit ricardobofill. com for a lot more photographs and further information.

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