How to Maintain Your Cat From Scratching the Couch

Cats adore couches. They love to rest on them, lose on them, and scratch them. Just before my spouse and I brought our woman Ghost Cat residence from the shelter, we failed to truly give a lot of considered to how she could harm our living space seating. Our couch was a little, inexpensive, crimson-pleather stress get that we’d picked up when our aged hand-me-down hide-a-bed would not suit into a basement apartment. By the time we adopted Ghost Cat, we had been high previously mentioned-ground in an apartment that could have handled a complete-size couch, but we hadn’t bothered to improve to developed-up furniture. It was a darn great thing we hadn’t.

Apparently Ghost Cat necessary to sacrifice a sofa to the scratching gods just before she could find out to keep her claws off the sofas. For me, the reduction of that sofa was the starting of numerous classes realized in sofa safety. Here’s the 5 ideas I’ve picked up to hold my cats happy and my couches hole-totally free.

one. Break a undesirable practice with a better option

Truthfully, I blame myself for what happened to the minor crimson sofa. It was so not Ghost Cat’s fault at all. When we 1st brought her residence we believed we had every thing she could need — a litter box, tons of flashy toys and treats. We imagined we experienced almost everything, but we had unsuccessful to get her a correct scratching submit, so Ghost Cat turned the aspect of the sofa into a pincushion.

Ultimately I study the article “Question a Behaviorist: How Do I Get My Cat to End Scratching the Furnishings?” and wised up. Evidently, we necessary to give Ghosty one thing to scratch — and put it appropriate beside the couch. My spouse and I headed off to the shop and came house with an pricey (but best) small Ghosty tree property, full with wall-to-wall carpet and a scratching put up. I swear, the quite working day we place that issue following to the sofa, Ghost Cat turned fully uninterested in scratching the bogus leather-based.

Sadly, our expensive purchase wasn’t quite sturdily created, so the edges of the carpet began to deteriorate swiftly. We set it with duct tape for as prolonged as we could, but it was past restoring by the time my partner packed up our relocating truck for a 300-mile generate.

2. You gotta have scratchers, but they do not have to be expensive

My first blunder was not receiving Ghost Cat something to scratch the identical day we obtained her. My second miscalculation was spending a bunch of cash for one thing that was frayed and lined in duct tape in underneath a month.

Following the large go my spouse, Ghost Cat and I stayed with friends while we waited to get possession of our new house. I experienced picked out a fantastic huge carpet-covered scratcher at a local pet keep and was entirely fired up to change Ghosty’s tree home, but my spouse took 1 appear at the almost $ 200 price tag tag and instructed me I was mad. He advised I pay out interest to what our friends’ cats ended up scratching. Our hosts didn’t have any huge cat trees, but instead had loads of these tiny corrugated cardboard inserts for their felines. They also experienced really wonderful leather-based home furniture that wasn’t obtaining clawed. I adopted their direct and picked up some cardboard scratchers.

three. Make realistic furnishings choices

When we ultimately obtained the keys to our new home we decided it was time to phase up our home furniture sport. The old, purple pincushion couch went out in the sunroom (Ghost Cat’s favorite space in the residence). My spouse obtained a great offer on a leather sofa, but I was concerned about that fragile material. He put that one in the basement. It was just a tiny way too gentle to face up to nearly consistent get in touch with with cat ft. For the dwelling room, the place we would be investing the most time, we found a discounted corduroy couch established. The tightly woven content does not easily enable for tiny claws to puncture it, so it was a good decision for such a substantial cat-targeted traffic spot.

four. Be a steady pet mum or dad

When Specter the kitten arrived, we had to make sure we enforced the furnishings policies with both cats. I think in some ways, instruction Specter not to scratch has nearly been simpler, since not like Ghosty, Speck has in no way, ever been allowed to scratch the sofa. If we hear the beginnings of a scratch on the corduroy we’re swift to choose up the guilty cat and set them on the floor. Given that they equally really like to be on the sofa (with each other and with us), acquiring kicked out of the cuddle session is enough consequence to set an end to any practically-scratching. We also have to observe that the two of them don’t get too insane when they’re actively playing on the sofa. When the paws start off flying (as enjoyable and funny as it my seem), it is time to consider the recreation to the flooring.

five. Always hold a scratcher couchside

Occasionally my heart skips a conquer when I hear the scratching whilst I’m sitting on the sofa, but even with the deceptive seems, my household furniture is not the goal. These corrugated cardboard inserts I described prior to? I would severely suggest retaining them shut to the sofa at all moments. I picked up 1 for a few bucks at a thrift retailer and maintain it beside the upstairs home furniture, although we have an additional one nailed to a publish close to the basement sofa.

If the cats really need to flex their scratching muscle tissue, they really don’t need to have to go much. My infants can soar down, have a tiny scratch, and be back again on a warm lap with out having to stroll much more than 6 inches.

I like obtaining a wonderful couch, and I like getting cats. I believe as extended as I make sure my girls have their instinctive scratching demands fulfilled (and regular nail trims), I don’t require to decide on 1 or the other.

How do you hold your household furniture protected from sharp paws? Any tips I skipped? Enable me know in the feedback. 

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About the author: Heather Marcoux is Ghost Cat and Specter’s mother. She is also a spouse, author and former Television set journalist. Some of her buddies have hidden her feed since of an extra of cat photographs. If you do not mind cat photographs, you can adhere to her on Twitter she also posts GIFs of her cat on Google +.

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