Hometown Quiz

Hometown Quiz appears each week on our puzzle page.

This week’s questions:

Q: Back in the 1940s, what furniture store in downtown Lincoln was known for arranging its furniture as if in a house?

Q: When did Kirk Motors assume its name?

Q: What was the name of the school that once stood where Pershing Center is now located?

Last week’s questions and answers:

Q: What distinction did the Lincoln-based Terri Lee Doll Factory hold?

A: It was the third-largest doll factory in the world. The first factory opened in 1946, and found a permanent home at 2012 O St. They were first advertised in the Montgomery Ward catalog in 1946 and were priced for $ 5.95 each at the time.

Q: In 1966, what factors squelched negotiations that would have brought The Beatles to Lincoln?

A: Negotiations were focused on an August performance at Memorial Stadium. With the Shrine Bowl and Husker football practices, scheduling was an issue, and there were concerns about damage to the grass turf.

Q: What drive-in movie theatre at 48th and Vine streets featured a neon sign of an Indian sending smoke signals?

A: The Starview Drive-In Theatre, on the southeast corner of the intersection. In the golden age of drive-in movie theatres.

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