Furniture Selection Held With each other Employing 3D Puzzle Ideas

Tenom furniture is a collection featuring unique pieces of flat-pack products held together using 3D puzzle principles. The cleverly constructed range is the result of long-standing research and development of the flat-pack concept, puzzle-furniture created by Konstantin Achkov. Achkov is a sculptor and designer who graduated from Sofia University and launched his own brand to produce his work.

Tenom is created with just one fitting cut made on a computer program and almost the entire production represents a cutting out (cropping) on a CNC router. All of the puzzle elements are assembled without the use of glue, nails, screws or any other supporting elements.


The connecting parts are made from 18mm plywood sheets and the other small elements from a 4mm plywood sheet. The CNC router is extremely accurate, which enables the production of the intricate puzzle joints. The whole process is very ecological without causing any environmental pollution.

Tenom furniture can be purchased either fully assembled and ready to use or disassembled with instructions to put it together yourself. If a product is bought disassembled it can be shipped in smaller boxes, making delivery easier. The plywood (also known as engineer solid wood) consists of veneers glued to each other at 90 degrees which guarantees excellent strength and elasticity.


Tenom furniture comes in different series, which makes it possible for customers to design their homes with style. The line is user-friendly, ecological, beautiful and can easily fit into a home.The range of products available on Tenom’s website includes a variety of chairs, stools, benches, tables and lamps, as well as more individual items like a wine rack, fruit bowl, photo frame, and a child’s sled.

The Armchair Frame is light and strong, with an innovative form and joint assembly. The sides in a triangular grid maintain the seat and back while locking the front and rear legs. The Table Stack is an unusual roundtable with elements at the base that form an inverted pyramid, giving it extra strength. The Tenom Lamp is made of clear Plexiglas and birch plywood, with different slots in the feather elements that enable five alternate visions of its silhouette.


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