Broken Cookies & Painted Home furniture – Obtaining Silver Pennies

When I was a minor woman I never ever utilized to consume the damaged cookies in the deal.

(Yes, I know, packaged cookies – my mom didn’t like to bake.  I think we produced gingerbread men after.  But that is not the position of the tale.  The stage is these broken cookies that I would not try to eat.)

Danielle + Candy 1979

My pet, Candy, and I, 1979

 These cookies weren’t ideal.

 They have been mis-formed, they were cracked, they were split in half.  They just weren’t fairly.

My mom instructed me, “Danielle, those broken cookies are the orphans, if you really don’t try to eat them they will be unhappy and lonely.”

I even now bear in mind this conversation with fondness and it obtained me considering about furniture.  The home furniture I enjoy to paint.

The parts I discover have been when liked but they aren’t any a lot more.  Like the cookies, they are broken, forgotten and lonely.  It fills me up to  know that by making them a lot more attractive they may get a next chance.  A next time to be cherished.

As you all know, I name my household furniture.  There’s been dapper George –

 Meredith – a single of my 1st pieces who life in my son’s greatest friend’s bedroom.

I get attached to these items.  Even if they don’t belong to me in the 1st place, like Jameson:


I know they aren’t alive, but to me they have character, they have frame of mind and appeal.

French_linen_armoireAt times it is tough to allow go of them.  I get so employed to viewing a desk or dresser in a location in my home.

Other occasions I merely can not say great bye.  Like Isla:


or Simone:


This 7 days many items have been leaving the Discovering Silver Pennies basement studio to be re-cherished.  This can make me so pleased.  I’m working on many new pieces and cannot wait for you to see them before long.  Just waved good bye to Adana above the weekend!

Adana_Royal_Design_Stencil_dresserI understand so a lot from these broken cookies and pieces of furniture.  I feel so fortunate to share a minute in time with them, however transient it may be.

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