Barn Converted into Minimalist Vacation Residence in Ayent, Switzerland

This minimalist getaway residence completed in 2013 by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte in Ayent, Switzerland has an fascinating history guiding. Back again in 1882, its area in the center of the fields manufactured it perfect for housing in the course of the pasture time. In 1980, the addition of a floor and the roof work transformed the barn into a holiday getaway escape. The architects at Savioz Fabrizzi further increased its layout: “Our new intervention reveals the historical past of this developing by demonstrating all the supplies utilised for the façade above the a long time. The original stones, the bricks included in the eighties and the contemporary concrete modifications are disclosed and a dim portray tends to make all these uncooked textures uniform. The grey shades of the internal materials reinforce the framings and distinction with the landscape.

Savioz House displays a fairly austere exterior, but the emphasis on the environment helps make this a welcoming bohemian retreat: “Significantly from the easy look of some holiday getaway chalets, the facade treatment method reminds the useful element of the ancient barn, instead rudimentary than aesthetic.” All interiors are extremely minimalist, with in depth use of wooden compensating for the deficiency of detailing. Massive home windows open up up the spaces toward the wonderful views, generating each and every early morning put in here memorable. [Photos by Thomas Jantscher]

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